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Your decisions shape your destiny, and people change when they're READY

If it's TIME, click the consulting link that fits your need, or use contact at lazymanvegan.com for inquiries

I work with individuals, groups, families, schools and corporations, on an individual, group, conference or audience level, to produce results

I'm not a health professional, and I never tell anyone what to do. My guidance is based on the fact that I used to weigh 300 pounds.

 I lost 125 pounds in seven months, without dieting. No herbs, drugs, meditation, hypnosis, magic, voodoo or big exercise regime, and have kept the weight off, for more than six years. I offer to simply show you HOW I did it, easily, effortlessly, and guide you thru the process, with the exact amount of advice you require. No judgment, no lectures, no starvation diets, no strenuous workout routine


You can do it, you just have to WANT to do it. It doesn't take a lot of time or effort, it's sensible, affordable, and productive

And once you see the greener grass on the other side, you won't even be tempted to go back

Consultation might be very helpful, If you want to quickly and easily take control of your diet and health

If you want to make a change, lose weight, slim down and experience a better quality of life, but you haven't yet found the strength
If your general health and daily motivation are not optimal, or if you just dont feel happy, energetic, and full of life, then Its probably time to consider investing a small amount for potential health and dietary knowledge now, rather than suffer the wasted time and effort, overall discomfort and higher price later in medical costs, which comes without any recovery guarantee
Whether you need a dietary change, or you seek to improve your overall lifestyle, consulting with experience is the answer
Consulting with a person who has traveled that road can help YOU discover a better, richer life, without the roadblocks, pitfalls and confusion that most people experience when making significant lifestyle changes. If you want to SLIM DOWN and IMPROVE your life, it's your move
Direct knowledge and guidance based on what worked for me - How to achieve Motivation and Results
Vegan Recipes and Menu Suggestions - Individual Support - All of your Questions Answered
Successful Guidance & Direction - Specific Tips & Tricks to ease your journey - Life Coaching
Organic, Vegan Shopping Guidance - Personal Lifestyle & Image Development
Dealing With Unsupportive Friends & Relatives

Basic Pricing 

Email Consultation $95. (5 Questions)  -or-  $170. (10 questions)
Basic diet, recipe or vegan lifestyle related questions answered in a single, or multiple emails

One hour phone consultation $195. or One Half hour phone consultation $99.
Convenient call to the phone number you designate, or via Skype audio call.  Answers, guidance and information

Also available for custom personal, group or audience consultation or presentation, please use contact at lazymanvegan.com to inquire

If you are vegan, or aspire to be, and have products that are healthy, cruelty free, or good for the planet, we also provide business coaching and corporate solutions



















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